Go from novice to ninja in Python and Linux

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    Choosing your first programming language can be a head-scratcher. Will you start with Java? C? Or maybe Ruby? There’s a good case to be made for starting with Python — one of the most popular and flexible languages. The Professional Python and Linux Administration Bundle can gently introduce you, and it’s 95% off right from Tech Deals.

    Python can be considered one of the best starter languages both for its flexibility and its simplicity. Whether you want to build apps or make a database more accessible, it’s one of the go-to languages. If you’re learning from scratch, the 60 hours of content should be more than enough to get you off to a strong start.

    Sharpen your skills with hands-on projects.

    Simply watching a video isn’t a good learning strategy. It takes practice and working through hands-on projects to become a true Python master. You can also explore Linux administration and dive deep into a prospective new tech career path.

    Three of the four modules in this learning kit teach you to integrate projects with Linux and Django. This helps to speed up the creation of powerful apps and web pages with ease. Efficiency is a key for programmers, so the more you practice the better you’ll get.


    The Python and Linux Bundle:

    The four modules in the Professional Python and Linux Administration Bundle have a combined retail value of $1,200. However, you can pick up the whole bundle now for just $49.

    This deal will be gone in just a couple of days, so don’t miss out. Hit the widget below to learn more.

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    Professional Python and Linux Administration Bundle
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    Professional Python and Linux Administration Bundle Buy it Now
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