Google Earth lets you find out how wide the Eiffel Tower really is

Discussion in 'News Section' started by Android Authority, Jun 25, 2018.

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    • Google announced it will make its Measure tool available for Google Earth.
    • The tool lets you measure the distance between two points, as well as the length, width, and area.
    • You can play around with the Measure tool in the Chrome browser today.

    Google already launched its Measure app for ARCore-enabled smartphones, but why not up the ante and make it available elsewhere? That is exactly what Google did with the latest update to Google Earth, which now lets you measure the distance and area of anything on the map.

    The distance measurement part is not exactly new, since Google Maps features a virtual ruler that also lets you measure distance between two points. The difference is the ability to measure the length, width, and area of whatever you choose.

    [​IMG] Google

    That difference is what allows you to select the borders of the area you want to look at. This will help you to learn the measurements of irregularly-shaped parks, buildings, and even states and countries.

    You can save the images for future reference — a handy tool if you are a student, a professor, or just someone looking to buy a home in a certain area.

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    Why isn’t the Measure tool available in Google Maps? There is more than just a small amount of overlap between Google Earth and Google Maps these days, so why not include the tool in the more popular application?

    You can currently use Google Earth’s Measure tool in the Chrome browser. An update that includes the tool will arrive later this week for the Android app, while iOS users have to wait a bit longer.

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