Support Request Help! N101 not booting after factory reset using CWM

Discussion in 'N101 Firmware, ROMs & Recovery' started by bloodlust, May 3, 2014.

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    Ok, I was trying to use rkbatchtools 1.5 to flash a newer CFW as for some reason it's becoming very laggy with rapid battery drain.

    As I am using Windows 8.1 x64, I tried installing the rockchip drivers but couldn't as it always prompts that USB device is not recognized and when I select the downloaded rockchip win7 x64 drivers to update it, the system prompts that the best driver is already installed.

    Then I proceeded to use CWM and I did a factory reset, dalvik cache and format /data (not /system) wipe as this was always the SOP prior to installing custom firmware.

    Now whenever I switch it on, I can only get to the part where I see the vondroid logo with the orange circle spinning for infinity.. it does't seem to load to the home screen anymore. I was initially using vondroid CFW with 4.1.1

    And since when I attempt the normal recovery (power on followed by power button & volume -) it still gives me the USB device not recognized crap, rkbatchtools is out of the question. Is there a CFW which I can use with CWM?
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