Here are some of Indonesia’s most memorable tweets in 2014

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    Indonesians are some of the most frequent users of social media websites, including Twitter. With about 20 million monthly active users, Twitter has become one of the main tools for Indonesians to communicate online, and today the social media giant reveals (via ADdiction) just how significant the tweets coming from Indonesia are.

    The report showcases the most popular retweets, hashtags, conversations, and accounts in Indonesia.

    The Golden Tweet

    Twitter recognizes the tweet with the most retweets as the Golden Tweet. For this year’s Golden Tweet, the award goes to the star-studded selfie shot during the The Oscars with 3.3 million retweets. But the runner-up for that Golden Tweet award actually comes from Indonesia with 1 million retweets:

    Denny JA: Dengan RT ini, anda ikut memenangkan Jokowi-JK. Pilih pemimpin yg bisa dipercaya (Jokowi) dan pengalaman (JK). #DJoJK

    — Denny JA (@DennyJA_WORLD) June 4, 2014

    The tweet is one of 95 million related to the presidential election in Indonesia. The Twitter handler Denny Januar Ali is a political consultant, and inside the tweet, he says that netizens can help Joko Widodo and Jusuf Kalla become Indonesia’s president and vice president by retweeting it.

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    The other nine tweets with the most retweets are not related to the election. In fact, they are either humorous or related to love:

    Top Tweets 2014 (ID)

    Conversations and hashtags

    Twitter also compiles the most popular conversation topics and fastest rising hashtag trends in Indonesia. Understanding these might help you understand what topics are meaningful for Indonesians online.

    Here are the top 10 conversation topics:

    Rank Topics
    1 Fiery speech by Prabowo on campaign trail
    2 Mount Kelud erupted
    3 Agnez Mo on Indonesian Idol
    4 World Cup Semi Final match: Germany beats Brazil 7-1
    5 World Cup Final: Germany beats Argentina 1-0
    6 Jokowi & JK duet announcement
    7 #MH370 officially declared lost
    8 Supporters from both presidential candidates battle it online
    9 Rumors of the breakup of popular JKT48 girlband
    10 The Raid 2 Movie Release

    And here are the top 10 fastest rising hashtag trends in Indonesia. The list is dominated by football support, presidential election-related tweets, and nationwide grief towards international incidents:

    Rank Hashtags # of Tweets Description
    1 #Halamadrid 50,785,806 Support to Real Madrid FC, means “Go Madrid”
    2 ##GGMU 44,243,276 Support to Manchester United FC, abbreviation for “Glory Glory Manchester United”
    3 #PrayForGaza 41,750,924 Muslims all over the world gave support to Gaza, Palestine
    4 #AkhirnyaMilihJokowi 32,956,286 Means “Finally choose Jokowi,” it was a massive support campaign to Jokowi (Presidential candidate) from several celebrities during election day
    5 #YNWA 30,553,990 Abbreviation for “You Never Walk Alone,” the slogan for Liverpool FC
    6 #TegasPilih2 25,419,740 “Firmly choose number 2,” it was to support the presidential election of Jokowi.
    7 #ForzaInter 22,518,462 An encouragement shout to Inter Milan FC, means “Go Inter”
    8 #Salam2Jari 20,393,384 Means “Salute with 2 fingers,” it was introduced by Jokowi or His camp in presidential campaign
    9 #MH370 20,196,252 The flight number of missing Malaysia Airlines, which disappeared on Saturday, 8 March 2014
    10 #ShameOnYouSBY 11,606,460 Netizens blame now former President SBY for the passage of an undemocratic national legislative law that do away with direct elections.
    Twitter handles with the most followers

    The number one position is held by local celebrity Agnes Monica under the handle @agnezmo, while previous president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono with @SBYudhoyono is holding the 10th spot.

    Here are Indonesia’s top 10 accounts:

    Rank Twitter Handle # of Followers Category
    1 @agnezmo 11, 854,157 Musician
    2 @tweetramalan 9,387,042 Zodiac Daily Info for Indonesian
    3 @radityadika 8,724,709 Comedian
    4 @detikcom 8,707,097 News
    5 @sherinnasinna 8,570,127 Musician
    6 @lunamaya26 8,317,068 Actress
    7 @vidialdiano 7,389,726 Musician
    8 @afghansyah_reza 7,199,582 Musician
    9 @metro_tv 6,194,655 News
    10 @sbyudhoyono 6,098,017 Former Indonesian president

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