Guide How to Double your WiFi Strength + Power Stability notes

Discussion in 'MK802 IV' started by LiveFreeDead, Oct 5, 2013.

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    RKM MK802IV
    This will make the aerial external to the device, if you care about ugliness or portability then this isn't the best hardware mod for you.

    The reason I chose to try this mod is I was 20 minutes from bashing this device with a hammer, as it was unstable, un connected and felt like a big waste of my money, even my single core Galaxy Tab (original p1000) played from plex fine, but this couldn't...

    So as a last attempt I did the following:

    * This has only been tested with my device, but if anyone else is reaching for a hammer, then give it a go, whats the worst that can happen - you can always drive over it with your car if it still gives you trouble :)

    1.Open the case (* note, I broke off all but two of the clips getting into mine, not sure the trick to opening them if anyone wants to share?):

    * Unrelated maybe - the stupid piece of red wire is glued to the case and as I own a soldering iron I thought I'd remove it to see how much signal I'd lose - turns out it's none, I left the red wire off mine (just yanks straight off).

    2.Peal the yellow sticky tape off the ariel (save it, you need it later).

    3.Peal the grey tape off the aerial/case and discard tape. Then slide your nail or flat edge under the aerial and leaver it off the case slowly.

    4.Create a 2x2mm notch in the lower case just back from the side Micro USB:
    I used a pair of nail scissors to make mine and smoothed the edges with the same scissors.

    5.Place the aerial cord through the new notch:

    6.Clip the case shut again (or sticky tape it if too broken to clip).

    7.Use a 3" length metal inner cable tie (found binding new power cords etc) and strip a 1/2 inch of insulation off one end. Bend the stipped end in half around the bottom wire so the metal touches the exposed shield wire on the soldered end of the aerial. Twist it with some pliers to make tight enough to adjust but stay connected to metal.

    8.Use the yellow tape to cover the aerial and the twisted wire (so it doesn't have exposed metal near your electrical gear).

    9.Make the new Cable run at a 30 - 40 degree angle from the aerial and curve it upwards.

    I had my mk802 iv about 15 meters from my router, through 2 rooms, 3 walls and 1 roof/floor. It would get an IP address but do nothing else - even though it showed 1/2 signal. After doing this mod I was able to get official 905 firmware to play 1080p using the Plex app, as well as use the internet/play store. It still shows 1/2 signal, but it's blue instead of gray and doesn't drop down to 1 or no bars when I start using it.

    Other IMPORTANT information:
    Power Stability notes -
    The 2amp power adapter included with the mk802 iv kits are NOT really 2amps and aren't strong enough to run the device in 1080p, run stable or hold any wifi signal, especially once you add an air mouse or other USB hardware. To fix this I used a Micro USB to USB cord and plugged it in to a 2.1amp iPad charger. Even without the aerial mod I got an extra bar of signal and 1080p output without crashes happening every few minutes, I still needed to mod the aerial to use it on the TV I had planned to use it on.
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