Guide HOW TO - Flash a Rochchip Device

Discussion in 'Rockchip' started by mrkus21, Mar 13, 2013.

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    HOW TO - Flash a Rockchip Device
    based for RK3188 RK3066 RK2928 RK2918

    with an update.img File.

    by mrkus21 on MK808B (for Example)
    This is only the easy Way which means, you don´t need to use a Hardware Reset Button...

    1. Install the Rockchip Driver on your PC. Download the Rockchip BatchTool and open it.
    You can find everything you need here:

    2. Boot up your Device (MK808B) If your Device did not boot anymore, go to the End of this Guide and do it the Hard Way !
    3. Go into Settings Menu --> Storage and in there to the Settings on Top of the Right Edge.


    4. Then make sure that you have checked the "Mass Storage Device"


    5. After that go to Settings Menu --> USB and click "Connect to PC"


    6. Open the RockchipBatchTool and after "Connect to PC" the RKBatchTool should turn into Pink.

    Batchtool erkennt MK808B.jpg

    7. Use the FW Path to choose your right Firmware you want to flash.

    Firmware auswählen.jpg

    7. Click on the "Switch" Button to turn the Device into Flash Mode. After that your Light should turn from Pink into Green, then you are in Flash Mode.

    switch Button klicken dann grün.jpg

    8. Click on "Upgrade" to begin flashing your Device... Note: Some Devices you need to click "Restore" for an Update... just try it.

    start flash.jpg

    9. Your Device will be formatted by the RKBatchTool, thats ok. After this the RKBatchTool begins to Download the Firmware to your Device....

    download firmware.jpg

    10. Please be patient, this could take a while. Don´t pull out the Power or OTG Cable until this has finished. Otherwise you can brick your Device ! After Downloading the Firmware the RKBatchTool checks the Firmware again to make sure your Flash has been successfully made. After the RKBatchTool has finished, it should look like this:

    Update gelungen.jpg

    11. Congratulations, your Flash has finished without Errors.
    12. After this your Device will boot. This also can take a while on the first Boot. Be patient !!!
    13. Check again if your flash has worked, go into Settings Menu again and click on "Device Info" at the Bottom.
    There you can see your Firmware, Build and Kernel Version of your Device.


    I hope this Guide is useful for you all.

    If you want to help VonDroid to be alive, think about to donate.png thank you all !

    If you have Problems with your Flash, use the Forums and open a Thread with the "Support" Prefix.

    Also you can download the RKBatchTool directly from here at the Attachments.
    I also uploaded the Rockchip Drivers for all Windows Versions here, but you can also get it at the Link above.

    If you spot any Fault in my Guide, please contact me and I will fix it.
    P.S. Please don´t copy this Guide to upload it to another Forum or post it anywhere.
    This Guide has made lots of work, please respect this ! thx.


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