Guide HOW TO - Flash CWM Recovery on MK808B

Discussion in 'MK808B Firmware, ROMs & Recovery' started by mrkus21, Mar 14, 2013.

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    HOW TO - Flash the CWM Clockworkmod Recovery on the MK808B

    Please Note: Also Note, this is ONLY for the MK808B not for any other Device ! This works only with a Rooted Device ! So please root your MK808B before using this Guide.
    • Tested on 1080p Stock Rom (rooted) - Success !
    • Tested on Finless 1.6a - Success !
    • Tested on Finless 1.7 - Success !
    Why do this ?
    1. Reason: To fully backup your Device before you flash some Custom Rom´s, to backup your Official FW.
    2. Do fix Permissions, flash zip Files from SD Card, Restore a Backup and much more Features...

    • Download the I´ve uploaded here to your PC
    • Insert a micro SD Card to your Card Reader and make sure that it´s empty.
    • Format your SD to FAT32, if this isn´t done before.
    • copy the to /root of your SD Card
    • Boot up your MK808B normally, after booted up, insert the SD Card to your Device.
    • Device asks to install, click Install to do and then be patient.


    • The green Android Logo shows up and does some Actions.
    • After everythings done, youre directly in CWM Recovery, click "Reboot now" to go boot up normally.
    • Well done ! To get back to Recovery if you are on Stock ROM, please install the Reboot_v0.9.1.apk I´ve uploaded here.
    I´m not responsible for any Errors occur, everything you do is on your own Risk !
    I hope this Guide helps a bit.

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