Guide How to update firmware on tronsmart vega s89 amlogic s802 quad core tv box, should work for all amlo

Discussion in 'Tronsmart' started by Geekbuying, Apr 8, 2014.

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    How to update firmware on tronsmart vega s89 amlogic s802 quad core tv box, should work for all amlogic device

    There are two ways to update the firmware for tronsmart vega s89 amlogic s802 quad core tv box:

    1) SD Card flash method;

    2) USB Burning Tool with windows PC to flash;

    It depends on which firmware you get, if you just get one *.img file, then you should use the burning tool to flash. if you get firmware like this:


    then you can use the SD card to do the update.

    Now let’s check the two update method:

    1) SD Card update.

    Download the firmware, and you will usually get four files,:factory_update_param.aml recovery.img, u-boot.bin and one ZIP file.Now you should make the boot card use the amlogic bootcardmaker.
    download the bootcardmarker tool here:

    How to make the BOOT SD Card:

    Step 1: Prepare one micro sd card( or SD card if your device just have sd card slot), please backup your data on sd card, because the following process will format your card.

    Step 2: Use the micro sd card reader to connect your card with windows PC, and then Open the BootcardMaker tool, and you will see this:


    Choose your micro sd card sick, and choose “yes” in to partition and format, and then choose your bin files. ( just choose the u-boot.bin file in your downloaded file)

    Step 3: Click Make to finish the boot card.

    Now you have a boot card, what’s the next?

    - Copy all of the firmware file(factory_update_param.aml recovery.img, u-boot.bin and one ZIP file) to this sd card;
    - Make sure your device is powered off and power cable removed.
    - Insert SD card with extracted files in root directory.
    - Insert a match or a toothpick to reset button – you will feel a click. (the reset button is in the AV hole in the back)
    - Power on the vega s89 box by inserting power cable, while holding the match in the reset hole.
    - It will boot to recovery and start installing ROM. Good. It will restart when finished (you can connect with HDMI cable, so you can see the update process in your tv or monitor)

    And now let’s check how to use USB Burning Tool to flash the firmware.

    Download the usb buring tool here:

    extract the file:USB_Burning_Tool_v2.0.0.140306_Alpha_x86.rar

    and you will get an *.exe file, run it, and follow the instruction,it will help to install the burning tool on your pc.

    and in order to make sure you don’t have drivers problem, we suggest you to install this tool in your pc first:

    Now run the usb burning tool, you will see this:


    Click “file” and choose”import image”, choose the .img file you just download,


    Now it’s important step, Make sure your vega s89 device is power off, use the micro usb cable to connect vega s89 with PC. use the toothpick to press the update button(hide in the AV port hole), and at the same time, connect the power adapter with vega s89, press the power on button(keep press the update button during this time), and then the burning tool will find a new usb device:


    and then click start button to flash. It will take 5-8 mins to finish the flash.

    Above is two method to flash the firmware. if you have any questions, feel free to contact me.
    It will work for all of the amlogic device.Correct me if i am wrong.


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