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Discussion in 'Emotion UI' started by Pav Emotion UI, Oct 28, 2013.

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    So What is Emotion UI?
    Emotion UI is a Huawei developed, Android based man-machine interaction system for smart terminals. With Emotion UI, everything is easy to find, easy to enjoy, and easy to share. You can enjoy the vivid display and have fun customizing your phone. Customizable Home screens, applications, and easy switching between themes. "

    • Convenient switching between profiles with the phone performing predefined actions automatically.
    • Help pages that are always at your service.
    • Voice control that frees your hands with Chinese voice identification.
    • Huawei Cloud+ services that protect your data even when your phone is lost or applications on your phone have been changed.

    Features of Emotion UI:
    Uni Home Less is more
    Me Widget
    Better utilize your screen real-estate by combining all the information and functions you need in a single, customizable widget.

    EZ Folder
    Make applications management less tedious by adding applications to a folder in bulk.

    Profile Switcher Let your phone work for you
    Predefined Profiles
    Get started with one of our five predefined profiles: Standard, Driving, Sleep, Outdoor, and Meeting.

    Extensive Control
    A wide range of settings such as screen brightness, auto reply, ringer volume can be controlled through profiles switching.

    Smart Tutorial Help is near
    Contextual Help
    We provided assistance at places and moments where they are most needed.

    Rich Graphics
    All help content includes pictures to make them easier to understand and fun to use.

    Non-technical language
    We use plain, easy-to-understand language to better accommodate non-technical mined users.

    Customizable UI Your phone, your style
    Animated Weather Wallpaper
    Find out what the weather is at a glace right from your home screen. Our animated weather wallpaper is both informative and fun.

    This was a brief about Emotion UI....Will be back soon with many more updates, stay tuned.
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    Any updates on this in 2014 !?

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