Jiayu G2S white - Hands on !

Discussion in 'Jiayu' started by mrkus21, Aug 9, 2013.

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    Hey Guys, I ordered a white Jiayu G2S, as some of you know.

    I got it now in my Hands and it´s great ! The first Device I got in my Hands for over 2 Years, that fits my Hand and you can navigate with only one Hand ! My Feiteng 5inch was too big for that, also other Devices.
    The G2S is nearly iPhone 4S Size which I think is the best Choice !

    Technical Spec:
    MT6577T (Turbo) 2 x 1.2GHz
    1GB RAM, 4 GB Flash
    8MP Cam, 3G, BT, WiFi,
    960x540 IPS Screen 4 Inch !

    Some of you might think 960x540 is a bad Resolution, but for a 4 inch Screen it´s the same sharpness as on a 5inch 1280x720 Screen. Enough for me. And Jiayu has every Time the greatest Colorful IPS I see...
    It has a 2200mAh Battery inside which should be enough for a 4inch Device.

    I get this Phone 3 hrs ago, so I can´t tell you much but I installed Antutu for a quick Check...
    I can´t believe it but, the G2S is rooted ! Directly from the Factory, that´s awsome !
    It gets 7100 Pionts, also has 2,5GB Space for Apps, really the same like my old G3 !
    Then I installed FasterGPS and did a short Fix.
    I turned my GPS on and went outside... it takes about 2 Seconds, not more to get 9 Satellites !!! Full Powered !
    Really great ! All Apps needed are there, only 1 Chinese.. PlayStore works with no Problems, yet.

    Now I wait for some Screen Protectors and Silicone Cases I bought on AliExpress 2 weeks ago.

    Anyway, more Informations will follow these Days. But have to say great Thanks to @Geekbuying !!!
    Like ever, no Problems, fast Delivery, savely packed !
    Maybe I will do a Seller Feedback Review for the G2S, because I think it´s a great Phone.
    Jiayu shows with this Device, that no QuadCore SoC is needed to get a responsible Device ! Great Work !

    Smooth scrolling, no lags yet. Lets see if there are any Bugs I´ve not spotted yet.
    So let me test it in daily Life these Days...
    More... next Time...

    @Tuen @hulk123
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  2. Geekbuying

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    Ainol N10
    Thank you very much for the feedback for our product. Hope you like it and please feel free to contact us if you have any inquiries. :)
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