Device Review JXD S5300 - JellyBean Game Console !

Discussion in 'Device Reviews' started by mrkus21, Jan 4, 2013.

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    Today it´s Time to introduce a new Device...

    The JXD S5300 Game Console !


    It´s a Mix of a Tablet, a Game Console and a portable Music and Video Player !
    The JXD S5300 Game Console with 4.1.1 Jelly Bean and Root out of the Box.
    I ordered this Device to remember to my Childhood, where we all playing Consoles like NES, SEGA, ATARI and so on. This Game Console is a first Step to play all these Consoles on One Device.

    But now some Specs...
    from the Manufacturers Homepage:

    It uses a 1GHz Cortex A8 with 512MB Ram, not much, but it´s ok for these old Games !
    I got the 4GB Version, but that doesn´t matter if you got a 16GB microSD Card...
    You can install the Games on Card.
    The S5300 has a mini HDMI Out, a 3,5mm Headphone jack and a microphone installed, so you can also do Skype Calls. Wifi Signal is really great, I have full Signal at my Apartement !
    It also has a Front Cam installed, not good but ok for Skype Calls...

    No Bluetooth, but I think really great are the physical Buttons.
    Not every Game supports these and I have to check how it works, but JXD has installed a TouKey App, with this App I think you can overlay a transparent Screen over a Android Game and you can put all physical Button Symbols on the Screen where the normal Control Points are and save this Positions for every Game.
    So I didn´t test that yet, it´s a little bit confusing to me, but hopefully I can run this Feature next Days.

    For now I can´t understand how to uninstall Games, because JXD uses a App named Game Center X
    wher you can directly download the Games from their Servers as a Zip and the App installes it directly into the Library of the Game Center.


    The Device is a great Idea, but I think JXD has some Problems with a stable Connection for their Servers to connect and download Games ! So Yesterday, I can not install a Game, Today no Problems.
    Some Games are not running. For this Problem I connected the Seller and he takes Care to get Information from JXD to this Problems... So lets see what they do.

    I played some goog Stuff and had lots of Fun with Mario Bros, Megaman, Metal Slug, Mario Kart, Superman and some others... All of them run from the Emulator that´s installed.
    Other Consoles of them have all only Android 2.3 and a bad resistive Touchscreen installed.
    The 5300 and the 7300 are great Devices, and JXD noticed that 1GHz is not enough to play newest Games for Android. So the 7300B has a Dual Core 1.5GHz installed. But I think 7 inch is too Big !

    The S5300 I ordered is a good Device with some Problems they should fix.
    Battery Life is good, Buttons are great. On the Back Side it has a JB Logo insted of the green Android !


    I got that Device since Yesterday and do more testing if I can download more Games and get a stable Connection to JXD Servers...

    More Pictures here:

    I didn´t find out every Feature it has, because there are much Features.
    It looks like a PS Vita, I bought it on Ebay for too much as I see now...

    You can order this Device only at Aliexpress or Pandawill here:

    For 89$ it´s a good Device, you can use it to check your E-Mails, play some old Games, or Android Ones, Skype with your Friends and some other Stuff...

    That´s it for now... with my new Device !
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