Custom Firmware MB860 CM10 4.1.2 (not tested)

Discussion in 'Atrix (ME860)' started by Tuen, Feb 28, 2013.

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    MB860-based the AOKP compile Android 4.1.2 operating system, this package Xiaobian pro-test, using the day without any exception, WIFI, first good are perfect, stress-free video playback, screenshots within the software I have installed, this package is veryclean, no garbage Oh!

    Joined Google services, including Google Maps

    Exclude some FC invalid set

    The correction Gallery Fc problems

    Google Input Method (boot into the problem of the screen).

    Adding memory optimization, greater residual memory (test)

    The kernel parameter threshold adjustment, power-saving performance improvements

    The CPU threshold adjustment and optimization, power-saving performance improvements

    Delete system comes with permissions files, finished version SuperSU.apk

    Removed some FC invalid settings

    Complement all finished (the degree of sinification 99%)

    Increased answer hang up vibration function (open dialing - click the Four Diamond set key can be set)

    Increasing the vesting of the native call (call recording and call display attribution)

    Lunar increase Calendar

    Smart dialing support the Pinyin retrieval (restore contacts after the restart to take effect)

    Increase in third-generation Sony BRAVIA ENGINE Engine

    Recompile the system framework, adjust the frame rate (rapid experience)

    The touch response of the global optimization (to improve the response speed)

    SD card speed to modify 1024 (SD read and write speeds)

    Revised the I / O scheduling optimization parameters (more power and smooth)

    2G, 3G Internet TCP Optimization

    The system has ZipAlign a linear optimization alignment (improve system fluency)

    Improved smooth scrolling off by default scroll memory, faster system responsiveness and smoother

    Update the host file to filter ads

    To optimize wifi scan time, less power

    Some commonly used software, do not need to delete

    Streamline some unnecessary system files and app files

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