Official Firmware MK802 III S - Official Firmware - 19th Feb. 2013 1.0-19-02-2013

MK802IIIS - Official Firmware - 19th Feb. 2013

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    MK802IIIS - Official Firmware - 19th Feb. 2013

    • Fixed MAC Adress changeable Issue
    • Add WiFi Hotspot Function
    • Improvied USB connected with PC Method:
      Power on the Stick -> Setting -> Select "Usb connect with PC" -> Power off, pull out the Stick.
      Then connect the Stick with your Computer, Stick will default USB Slave Method.
    • Flash first partition from 504MB changed ot 1.23GB
    How to Upgrade:
    1. Download the unzip it.
    2. Download the Recovery Image and unzip it, too.
    3. Open RKBatchTool.exe and select the MK802IIIS8BT.img File
    4. Connect the USB Cable to your Computer, press the Recovery Button on your Stick (shown at the Picture)
    5. Now connect the USB Cable to your Stick´s OTG Port and after 3-5 Sec. stop pressing Recovery Button.
    6. Windows will ask you to install the Driver, use the Link to Download the Correct Rockchip Driver
    7. If your Installation was correct the "1" Icon on your RockchipBatchTool will turn to blue ! Then click "Update" for Recovery.
    8. Be patient and wait till BatchTool has finished. That´s it.
    Source: Geekbuying

    Download Drivers here:
    Download RKBatchTool here:
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