Official Firmware Mk808 firmware used on a ak802 3066

Discussion in 'MK808' started by Jjl, Jan 9, 2016.

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    Just thought I would give back to this forum as the firmware helped me

    I have a Android stick which is model AK802 with dual 3066 and gpu amd z430. It has a black plastic reset button. I accidental lost my back up of the standard 4.1 jellybean it came with and when I tried another firmware I had no Bluetooth or WiFi.

    My stick is black with a clear blue end, one USB, head pones out and mini USB. Anyway having tried several firmware I noticed the MK808 has the same hardware CPU, GPU.

    So I tried the official firmware from this site and it worked with the WiFi up and running. Not tried Bluetooth yet too happy having WiFi back again.
    Now Android 4.2

    So once again thank you Vondroid.
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