MK808B Plus Bluetooth Error

Discussion in 'MK808B' started by childrock, Sep 20, 2016.

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    MK808B Plus
    Hello guys.

    I have a problem. Really frustating problem. 
    I just bought Android TV MK808B Plus.
    There's a strange problem with my MK808b about its bluetooth connection. It can pair with other devices, but it always fail to connect properly to do some transfer, phone, media function.
    I paired mk808b with my head unit (Kenwood DDX 7015BT) in my car to do true mirroring.
    But in case of mirroring, the head unit requires "continuous" connected bluetooth, just pairing is not enough.
    When i see in mk808b bluetooth setting, the paired list device (in this case Kenwood DDX), just blinking, for 2-3 second it's connected, but after that its disconnected, and it always repeated like that as long as the mk808b bluetooth is on.

    It also happen when i try to connect mk808b to my smartphone. It can pair, but it cant connected.

    Can you guys give me little explain what the hell is going on with my device?
    For now, i dont know that to do.
    I still dont absolutely understand about this stuff, so im not brave to take any action.

    Please if you can help me.
    Im really excited waiting for your feedback.

    Sorry for my english.
    Thank you
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