Support Request mk809II firmware + help plz

Discussion in 'MK809 II' started by guessgr, Jan 7, 2015.

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    Goodmorning and happy new year to all of you. This is my first thread and thank you in advanced for any help.
    I am owner of 1 x mk809ii and 1 x mk808b.
    with the mk808b i have no problem i know how to install firmwares etc so no problem at all.
    Now the mk809ii is driving me crazy!!! First of all all the tries i have done to restore a firmware have failed! (i need to tell in this point that the dongle can NOT boot so i have no access to press connect to pc etc that i saw on some guides)
    I need help with a working firmware first of all and second how to restore it!
    If i follow the "same" guide that i restore mk808b the RKBatchTool shows me with red letters errors and errors all time.
    i will upload (hopefully i will manage to do that :p ) some pics from my mk809ii so people with knowledge to help me better.
    My regards and again happy new year with health and luck to all of you.
    Theo 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg
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