MXQ-4K Bricked

Discussion in 'Rockchip' started by kaball, Aug 12, 2017.

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    iphone 7
    I bought a little box android and just a MXQ-4K, then after trying it I'll turn it off by remote control and go to sleep. The next day I go to turn it on always appears mbox, but after 2 hours always the same, It did not start.

    At this point I do my research and find the way to send it into programming, by pressing the key in the AV jack at the end of the jack, buy the male male usb cable and i do the procedure to reset it, inserting the sd card inside and pressing the Ticking and giving power, the box enters a reset mode, such as android phones, at this point i always came out of sd i could not mount / sdcard istallation aborted.

    After that I try to put in the sd in various ways but without success, at that point, I make factory reset and cache partition and restart, after doing this worse I will not start buying the blue LED completely ignited and it will not go anymore In restore mode as before.

    Then i follow other guides i download the drivers and the rockchip batch toll 1.8 driver and istall both and after downloading an ota image for mxq-4k try with that, i suppose to crash before the reset key, then i put usb But I do not leave the key and the computer finds the source in device management.

    Then I try to program it with that the program resembles the device and comes out though a blue square green, I try to give it the meal img file and the square turns yellow and flashes, then at some point I leave layer 5- 2 and sometimes layer 4-9-3-4 test device fail, upgrade done <0> Fail <1> time <67344> ms with red writing and does nothing more.

    I tried it all with two computers one with operating system win 10 and my laptop with win 7 but always the same, and trying with other versions of the program does not recognize me right.

    What can i do to fix my problem? Will i ever be able to reprogram it and make it usable again ???

    You can give me a hand.

    Excuse me for my poem I wrote, but I would like to explain to you very precisely what I did in such a way as to understand how and if you can solve the problem.

    Look forward to your news and suggestions in this regard to solve if you can be my problem. The attached logs of rockchip batch tool 1.8 programs.

    00:18:07 465 ??????? V1.8.5.0 start run in vs2008 build
    00:18:27 730 ********** Upgrade Start Total <1> **********
    00:18:27 732 <Layer 4-9-3-4> Download Boot Start
    00:18:29 990 <Layer 4-9-3-4> Download Boot Success
    00:18:29 994 <Layer 4-9-3-4> Wait For Masking Start
    00:18:30 465 <Layer 4-9-3-4> Wait For Maskrom Success
    00:18:30 468 <Layer 4-9-3-4> Test Device Start
    00:18:30 469 Error: RKU_Write -> WriteFile failed, bRet = 0, err = 31, size = 31, write = 0
    00:18:30 671 Error: RKU_ClearBuffer -> ReadFile failed, bRet = 0, err = 31, size = 512, read = 0
    00:18:30 671 <LAYER 4-9-3-4>

    It stays with the black screen if I connect it to the tv and nothing appears on the video with the blue LED I do not know how to look up your suggestions or tips to fix the problem.
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