Device Review My experience with the Newman N1 & N2

Discussion in 'Newman' started by Dror H, Jan 3, 2014.

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    Newman N2
    Hi, I would like to share my experience with the smartphones I have purchased from Newman, and my conclusions.

    There are plenty of reviews which include raw data and technical specifications, but I think this kind of review, of personal experience after a longer duration of use, reveals a better perspective.

    I will try to make this as short possible, so reading won't be too tedious ;)

    The phones

    I have purchased Newman N1, and very short afterwards the Newman N2 when he was fairly new. Both had outstanding hardware and very tempting price tags.

    Both had mostly good reviews and had a lot of hype, and I have felt I have made an excellent deals at the start.

    Newman N1

    At first, Phone came without IMEI, so I had to contact the seller and dig into forums in order to get it fixed. I followed instructions carefully and managed to get it done eventually.

    Then I realized the GPS wasn't working, again, contacted the seller, tried to follow instructions, and whatever I did couldn't get it fixed.

    Eventually had to change ROM. (note: I paid extra for a "Stable" ROM from the reseller, in order to avoid all this headache)

    Long and tedious, got it done eventually.

    Then… I realized the phone still has major problems: loses signal often, get stuck, reset often (several times a day), battery drained very fast, even the compass wasn't working properly :)

    But it was working pretty much, so all in all, at least it was working some of the time.

    Newman N2

    I must admit that at first the phone looked great! good screen, after setup I was able to use all the main functions: making calls, using GPS, connecting to the internet via Wi-Fi and by 3G to the cellular network, and most of the important Apps worked with no problem.

    Still, small details weren't perfect: after setting the language, there were still menus in Chinese, some Apps didn't work, etc.

    The added accessories in the package: USB charger and headphones were very low quality and very soon stopped working, but I didn't mind that much. Despite that, overall it looked like a great purchase at that time.

    First sign of problems

    Almost in no time, problems start to arise, and fast:

    - The phone started to shut down without warning, and got stuck often, which required the phone will be reset quite often.
    - Each reset, all Apps had to be adjusted to the operation system, a process which took 5-7 minutes each time.
    - In general, very buggy operation system.
    - Updating firmware didn't improve any of those problems.

    Bigger problems

    However, after few months, the volume button up was short circuited. And what happens when you power up the phone with volume up button? That's right, It goes into recovery mode, and as long as the volume button is malfunctioned, you can't start the phone.

    At this point, the phone became un-usable.

    Even after fixing the button, the phone was pretty much bricked, probably because of the forced shut down during the boot progress.

    some pictures are added: Phone unable to restart, and stuck in recovery mode:
    IMAG0053.jpg IMAG0054.jpg

    I tried to contact the manufacturer tech-support, send them all the possible information, only to get short messages that they were "very sorry for the trouble", asked me to send a mail with the details, and they will "answer me promptly". Needless to say, I haven't heard of them ever since.

    I'm sure that Newman or Newsmy (which is the name of the brand in china) will make better phones, and will continue to improve at the future, but I think they have 2 big problems:

    1) Quality control problem. I'm certain that the phones weren't tested much before finalized and sent to production. as a result, many problems are starting to be noticed after a short use.

    2) Customer support. If a product left their factory defected and the company doesn't take responsibility for it. This is a big issue, especially concerning the lack of quality control.

    I have learnt my lesson, being tempted by an impressive design, hardware and price tag, can be very expensive (time wise) when it comes from a company that sells unfinished products and don't stand behind their products when they fail.

    I know I won't repeat my past mistakes, and I won't purchase any of their future models.
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