My phone turns off and does not turn the screen

Discussion in 'Zopo' started by Kamalpaco, Dec 18, 2013.

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    Zopo C2
    hi guys,

    I'm not sure what happens to my Zopo C2 is common or not. sometimes turns off and not back on the screen, I have to restart the phone to use it.

    The model is Zopo zp980, ROM Version (v15 rom by Marsapa), Android version 4.2.1. The problem occurred with the official ROM zopo and kept me updated to version 20130820, always gave update error, so I changed my ROM, but also happens.

    I've noticed that this error happens mostly at night when I leave the cell without using it in Standby.

    I wonder if anyone else has gone the same thing to me.

    A greeting and thanks
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