OnePlus X accessories: tempered glass and cases

Discussion in 'Device News' started by fantastico, Nov 6, 2015.

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    Hi guys, have you already got an OnePlus X? Well, to be honest, I'm still waiting for an invite. But yesterday, i just found the latest OnePlus X accessories, such as tempered glass and cases. If I got the luck to buy OnePlus X. I will definitely get some of these accessories.

    9H Tempered Glass cheapie, price is quite low, hope it works just fine.

    Bamboo Wood Wooden Pattern Case this is a hard case made from plastic, with wood patterns on it. Looks good, but i prefer the genuine wood.

    Official Bamboo Wood Cover this is the real bamboo and wood cover, so elegant. Even got the oneplus logo .

    Official Silicone Protective Frosted Case nice design. I bet it must be comfortable to touch but price is a little high.

    Silicon TPU case a soft one, with good value

    So, which one will you prepare for OnePlus X?

    TPU case.jpg bamboo cover.png bamboo pattern case.jpg frosted cover.png tempered glass.jpg
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