PIPO M6 Battery sucks

Discussion in 'PiPO Unlisted' started by yogeshsherman, Dec 6, 2013.

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    I have bought
    PIPO M6 Pro Built-in 3G Quad Core RK3188 1.6GHz Android 4.2 9.7 Inch Retina IPS 2048*1536 GPS HDMI Tablet from merimobiles.
    not only I found this tablet bit laggy on HD mode also it's video player don't work properly if you rotate it around the opposite direction,
    But my main concern is that it's battery life sucks as it discharges a lot when it is not in use.I charge it fully in the night and to my surprise in morning it is around 25-30%.
    Merimobiles have shrug off their responsibility and have not replied to the issue,It has the latest firmware I suppose .
    Please some of you advice me what should I do now.
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