Samsung says it’s capable of designing foldables that fold even more

Discussion in 'News Section' started by Android Authority, Feb 12, 2020.

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    Samsung has two foldable phones in its portfolio, in the Galaxy Fold and the brand-new Galaxy Z Flip. They both offer rather distinct takes on the foldable form factor, but the Korean company says it’s capable of even more.

    “Technologically, we are capable of designing phones that fold even more times, but what’s more important than the folding technology itself is the kind of value to be offered for consumers,” Samsung mobile chief Roh Tae-moon told a press conference, according to The Korea Herald.

    This wouldn’t be the first time we heard about Samsung’s capabilities and thinking in this regard though. The firm previously filed patents for a mobile device capable of folding multiple times. Check out an unofficial mock-up of this device, based on patent images, courtesy of patent sleuths Let’s Go Digital:

    [​IMG]Let’s Go Digital

    A foldable phone like this could result in a more traditional tablet-sized display and smartphone screen. Meanwhile, the Galaxy Fold’s small smartphone screen looks strange compared to traditional phone displays. In any event, it sounds like use-cases and a wide variety of supported apps are major concerns for the company instead.

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    “It’s also important to have an ecosystem for sufficient content and services before releasing more foldable variants,” the Samsung mobile chief said. “We can release new foldable phones at an opportune time when there are enough services available on those phones and provide needed values for consumers.”

    Roh also shed light on Samsung’s journey to its current foldable phones, saying it took six or seven years to develop the Galaxy Fold. He added that the Galaxy Z Flip took three years to bring to market.

    Do you have a preferred foldable phone design? Give us your pick in the comments section.

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