Save $65 off these noise-cancellation headphones

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    The Culture Audio V1 Noise-Cancellation Bluetooth Headphones feature powerful noise-cancelling technology. Right now you can get a pair at 32 percent off.

    These Bluetooth headphones feature 98 percent active noise cancellation, allowing you to block out almost all unwanted noise and enjoy your music the way it was meant to be heard. Plus, the Culture V1 headphones boast an array of smart features, such as automatically pausing when you take them off and rest them around your neck.

    The Culture V1 headphones boast an array of smart features.

    The V1s also feature low latency technology, allowing you to use them to game or watch TV without any audio lag getting in the way. They even have an ambient mode for when you actually do want to hear something over your listening experiences, such as your doorbell ringing or an important phone call.

    Normally, the Culture Audio V1 Noise-Cancellation Bluetooth Headphones sell for $200. With today’s deal, you can save 32 percent and get a pair for $135. Click the button below to get yours.

    Check out the deal!

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