Say hello to the Olympic Games Edition Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

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    Samsung this week announced a special “Olympic Games Edition” of the Galaxy S10 Plus to celebrate next year’s Olympics.

    Coming in Prism White, the special edition Galaxy S10 Plus features the Tokyo 2020 logo around back. The phone also features special content from the Olympic Games, which included dedicated apps and VR streaming in previous Olympic special editions.

    Buyers will get a special edition pair of Galaxy Buds, with the Tokyo 2020 logo engraved on the case. The earbuds come in Prism White to match the phone.

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    If you’re already sold, be quick: Samsung is only producing 10,000 units of the Olympic Games Edition of the Galaxy S10 Plus. The phone costs around $1,000 in local currency, which is around the same price as the normal Galaxy S10 Plus.

    However, the special edition Galaxy S10 Plus won’t be available until late July 2020. By then, Samsung will have announced the Galaxy S11 and be close to announcing the Galaxy Note 11. The Tokyo 2020 logo and accompanying content are nice, but are they worth picking up a phone that will be over a year old by the time it’s out?

    Another bit of bad news: The special edition Galaxy S10 Plus will only be available through NTT Docomo. It’s unclear if the phone will be available outside of Japan, though it’s unlikely.

    If you live in Japan and are interested, go here to check out the special edition Galaxy S10 Plus. Otherwise, you can pick up the normal Galaxy S10 Plus through Samsung’s website at the link below.

    Samsung Galaxy S10

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