Smartwatch ZGPAX S28 with Built-in SIM card, MTK6260A, 1.54 inch screen, 450 mAh battery

Discussion in 'Other Android Devices' started by s7yler, Oct 4, 2014.

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    UNBOXING (check also the info in the video description on Youtube)

    MEGA REVIEW (33 minutes)

    Smart Watch ZGPAX S28 with SIM/MicroSD Card Slot, MTK6260, 450mAh Battery.
    This device is a very practical and convenient tool. The design has some small similarities with the Gear 2 from Samsung. It seems use the same hardware as another smartwatch out called Aoluguya M6, that also can be found on the internet. But the M6 seems to have another kind of software/firmware than the S28.

    The ZGPAX S28 can be used with or without a smartphone. To use all features a Android phone is needed, but some few basic features can also be used if connected with an iPhone over bluetooth.

    The ZGPAX S28 uses its own OS (probably Nucleus RTOS for the operating system) so it is not running full android (but connects to Android phones via an BT app) and it has no built-in camera (but instead it has built-in SIM and SD card slot, and calls can be done without a separate phone). For the low price (half or even 1/3 of many other smartwatches out), this watch is IMO amazing and very nice!

    I ordered it from Gearbest here

    Specifications & features:

    - CPU: MTK6260 360MHz
    - 1.54 inch Touch Screen 240x240
    - Phone feature with Single SIM (Micro)
    - MicroSD Card slot
    - Pedometer
    - Antilost
    - Bluetooth 3.0
    - MP3 Player
    - Find phone
    - Sleep detection
    - SMS
    - Phonebook
    - Local music
    - Remote camera
    - FM radio
    - Calendar
    - Use your own ringtones
    - 450mAh Battery 3.7V Li-ion
    - Standby 72 hours / Talk 6 hours / Music 8 hours
    - Micro USB port
    - Multilanguage
    - Size 58x39x12.5mm
    - Weight 55g
    - G-sensor
    - Icons can be re-ordered like you want them
    - Earphones are included, can be used via the USB port
    - QWERTY keyboard / T9 / Handwriting

    - This is for users who want a cheap standalone watch with SIM and no need for full android OS.
    - Own SIM card tray and SD card slot
    - Own phonebook, no need to sync from phone
    - Price is amazing low! (1/3 of other smartwatches)
    - Gear 2 design with front button
    - Headphones for the microUSB port are included
    - Can use your own custom mp3 ringtones

    - Not full android, uses own system OS
    - No GPS
    - Not waterproof
    - Only 1 digital and 1 analog clock
    - No wallpapers
    - No WLAN, only possible for data via SIM card
    - No built-in camera (only remote cam possible)

    Note: It will only work with GSM Networks: GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz

    If anyone should have some hacks, tips or tricks to this watch, please share!
    I am also searching for another firmware or upgrade for it.

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