Support, need help rooting and installing new firmware on MK809ii

Discussion in 'MK809' started by Karzan, Apr 18, 2014.

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    I got a MK 908ii model which I rooted and flashed (at least tried) with finless rom 1.7a. I followed this guide:
    The last step failed and I gave up and in a hurry I changed its firmware to MK812 (unrooted) instead of the stock one via Rockchip batch tool.

    So now i have a MK812 firmware installed on my MK908ii, but I want to change that into:

    Only problem is, I can't connect to the usb stick in any way, ive turned on debugging mode, and checked connect to pc. Nothing gets recognized, ive even tried update driver from device manager.
    I'm very new to this, how do I apply all the steps from the guide to match mk812 firmware

    1. The Rockchip batch tool wont find my device
    2. I can't find a way to install the right driver for the USB to get recognized, I dont even know if I need driver for MK809ii och 812

    Please help me out
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