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GeekBuying Terrible Packaging

Discussion in 'Store Feedback' started by Ar.Pars, Mar 16, 2013.

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  1. Ar.Pars

    Ar.Pars Member

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    Bodensee, Germany
    I've received my MK808B from Geekbuying :
    - it took exactly 15 days
    - the packaging was very bad and not reasonable for electronic stuffs ( i had a broken driver CD and total damaged Stick packages)

    I'm using Finless 1.7 and don't see any problem .(stable and smooth and PERFECT)

    * it was NOT in a carton and stable package, but in a aircells covered envelope( you know what i mean ;) ) .
    here some pics from damaged package :

    other issue :
    -never declare a package as gift and very low price because they know that most copied articles are from china and it can cause problem for us :( (European toll is very strictly and wiry)
    it mus only be under 140€ for Germany .

    fortunately the devices are intact and undamaged.
    before i purchased it i asked the service team to test the devices and pack it proper but no answer .
    now after receiving i contacted them too and they suggest me refunding . but i told i need only a CD driver that was broken.
    as i told you it is intact and works perfect but tell the shipping service to pack the electronic things in cartons pls :(.
    i had really chance that my devices all work despite total damaged package :)

    Conclusion :
    -improve packing (send your all stuffs ALWAYS in cartons )
    -declare proper
    -read your customers massages before sending

    I'm satisfied with my devices and thanks a lot on Geekbuying with hopping on improving the shipment ;)

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  2. mrkus21

    mrkus21 Administrator Global Moderator

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    Bayern in Germany
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    TV Stick:
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    Every Package I´ll get from them was declared as a Custom Sample... Also if you are unter 22€ you don´t have to Pay Taxes, lol.
    150€ is Only the Limit which you don´t have to pay extra Taxes for Customs. Under 22€ it´s completely free...
    Otherwise they send me every Order as "registered Post", never have to get any Order from the Customs, every time from the Post Office with no Problems.

    Also you´re right, last Time I received a Tablet from them, declared as E-Book-Reader with Value $2 !!!! Crazy, but I payed no Customs for it.

    But thanks for your Seller Feedback !
  3. Geekbuying

    Geekbuying Verified Store

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    Ainol N10
    Hi Ar.Pars Really appreciate your feedback and sorry for the late reply. I've transferred your info to our relative department and we will keep improving our service on all aspects. Thanks for your support and understanding.
    All the best,
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