The Mate X isn’t out yet, but Huawei already looking at a double folding phone

Discussion in 'News Section' started by Android Authority, Jun 18, 2019.

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    [​IMG] Let’s Go Digital

    At Mobile World Congress back in February, the first Huawei foldable device made its debut: the Huawei Mate X. Even though that device still doesn’t have an official release date, it looks like the company is already working towards developing a device with two folding hinges instead of just one.

    According to new patents filed by Huawei and discovered by Let’s Go Digital, a Huawei foldable phone could be in development that folds twice: once on either side of the smartphone. The two hinges would allow for multiple configurations, including an ultra-wide tablet, a tent, and even a Nintendo DS-style double-display handheld.

    Check out the official patent drawings below:

    [​IMG] Let’s Go Digital

    Let’s Go Digital made some impressive mockups of what this device could look like, based on the sketches above. One of those mockups is at the top of this article, but here’s another one that shows the device in three different folded configurations:

    [​IMG] Let’s Go Digital

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    To be clear, the Huawei foldable phone mockups above are just that: an artist’s interpretation of what these patent drawings could become. Still, they look pretty interesting and the multiple configurations could bring a new level of versatility to smartphones.

    However, the device also looks far more complicated and delicate than even the Mate X. With the fiasco surrounding the Samsung Galaxy Fold and the delayed release for the Mate X, it might behoove Huawei to master having one folding hinge on a phone before doubling down with two.

    What do you think? Is this cooler than the real-life Mate X, or is this Huawei foldable patent too over-the-top? Let us know in the comments!

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