Thing to be improve on next ICS on Window N101

Discussion in 'N101 Review' started by Tuen, Jul 13, 2012.

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  1. Tuen

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    I hope YuanDao can improve the following this for their next firmware update
    - To support flash in browser (like JWPlayer video, or live streams video). Youtube clips works without problem
    - Battery usage data support (to know where all the battery powers are used for)
    - When the tab connect with ADB and i'm using logcat, I saw a lot or exception problem
  2. underlines

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    Window N101
    The SDCard unmounting wakes up the tablet from deepsleep.
    In 10h not using the tablet, I get around 2h deep sleep, and 8h on 250MHz. (You can check the deep sleep time with "CPU Spy" from the market)

    I'm trying to find the root cause, why the SDCard unmounting happens.

    What is similar in your and my logcat is the following:

    E/Vold ( 88): Volume sdcard unmount request when not mounted
    E/DirectVolume( 88): Failed to unmount volume on bad removal (Invalid argument)
    E/DirectVolume( 88): handlePartitionRemoved,ready to unlink: /dev/block/vold/179:1
    D/DirectVolume( 88): Volume sdcard /mnt/external_sd disk 179:0 removed
    E/DirectVolume( 88): handleDiskRemoved,ready to unlink: /dev/block/vold/179:0
    But this is just the unmounting. What comes before this is random. In my logcat there are some exceptions of a javascript attemp to acces an URL, this is completely unrelated from the SDCard unmounting bug.

    So I still can't figure out why the card is unmounting. Mine is formatted as NTFS.
    I have some files on it. This is not the problem. Even if the SDCard is empty the problem persists.

    It must be someting in the kernel-module for the SDCard-Reader Hardware.

    I heard "CFW VonDroid N101 v2.0" has a new kernel (for revision B?)

    Just use logcat & CPU Spy to check if the SDCard bug persists.
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