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Discussion in 'Technical Announcements' started by Piers, Jun 7, 2013.

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    Downtime During Evening (GMT)
    I've just realised that there is around 3 hours downtime each evening - this is due to automated daily offsite backups and is being fixed. The problem is due to CPU allocation and attempting to compress 250+ GB of data.

    It's something I should have noticed and have just done so now, however it wasn't reported, so I do apologise.

    Forum Upgrade
    We'll be moving to the new version xenForo once it's stable (we're already testing it). This will bring many new features and fixes to the forum software and out community. Once of the main features which I welcome is the new WYSIWYG editor.

    The new version will allow drag and drop uploads directly into the post - it will automatically create an attachment and insert it into the area it's 'dragged'. This will make it much easier for posting images and other resources.

    There are many more features and fixes, a lot of at the backend, but many that will make your experiance using VonDroid easier and more fun.

    Again if anyone has suggestions, no matter how big or small, please don't hesitate to message myself or Tuen.


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