Use OUKITEL K7000 Matrix Charger Case as a power bank to charge for Android and IOS Devices

Discussion in 'Device News' started by Alexanderal, Sep 27, 2016.

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    OUKITEL K7000 will pack a charger case named Matrix, it offers 5000mAh battery. The following video shows it can charge for the android or iOS devices:

    OUKITEL K7000 can accept pre-orders from last week. The original price for K7000 phone device is $99.99, and $109.99 can be packed with charger case Matrix. Good news is that OUKITEL will give a bottom price $79.99 for K7000 and $89.99 for K7000 + charger case at the authorized self-owned online stores, from Sept 27th (GMT+8). Only for one week! And TomTop will be the first online store to sell it with the big discount :
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