XFINITY TV Player - early version 1.04.002

Discussion in 'MK809 II' started by maplehurst, Sep 13, 2013.

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  1. maplehurst

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    droid mk809 rk3066
    As many of the users of the MK809 have found out that the Comcast/Xfinity TV Player - the latest and only version available, does not work. Not even by trying to implement the HDMI VIRTUAL SWITCH apk on a rooted system.

    However, there have been various mentions in forums that there is an early version - 1.04.002 that does work for Xfinity, HBO etc.

    However hard I search for this elusive version - no luck.

    Is there anyone out there who knows where I can obtain this version openly or by using Dropbox or something similar?

    thanks guys, Michael
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