YouTube TV offers a free week of service for almost ruining your World Cup watching

Discussion in 'News Section' started by Android Authority, Jul 14, 2018.

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    • YouTube TV suffered an outage during the England/Croatia World Cup semifinal match.
    • YouTube TV apologized for the outage and offered subscribers a free week of service.

    The World Cup is one of those wondrous sporting events that truly lives up to the name. Every four years, folks from around the world crowd the streets and bars to watch teams of 11 kick a football around for at least 90 minutes.

    YouTube TV almost ruined all of that, though it wants to make amends.

    During England and Croatia’s World Cup semifinal match, YouTube TV went down for at least an hour. This left subscribers scrambling to watch Croatia eventually defeat England with a soul-crushing goal during the second half of extra time.

    Good Guy Google came through for some affected subscribers, however. An email sent to subscribers offered them credit for one week of service, while a few others got credit for one month when they reached out to customer support.


    Since YouTube TV raised its monthly price to $40, the free week of service roughly amounts to $10.

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    Check your inbox to see if you got the email, but also make sure to check your spam folder. Some people reported that Gmail flagged the email as spam for some reason.

    The email also stated that recordings of the England/Croatia match, along with other DVR recordings subscribers set during the outage, should now be available in the “Library” tab.

    Here is hoping that YouTube TV does not suffer other outages during the third-place England/Belgium match and France/Croatia World Cup Final.
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