Custom Firmware Yuandao N90 II (CZ) Firmware - TNT Release 4

Discussion in 'N90 II Firmware, Roms & Recovery' started by roman2025, Oct 25, 2012.

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    Release 4 is now available! It took me 3 - 4 days just to download the 1011 base firmware to work with from Yuandao... ridiculous...

    Anyhow, here is the change list from stock... (I didn't have a change list from 0907 stock to 1011 so I am honestly not sure what the base firmware fixed or changed. I was told their were issues with 0907 that were addressed in later firmware though and the device seems stable and smooth)
    -Still Rooted
    -Based on newer stock rom (Yuandao 1011 CZ)
    -App partition still 2 GB
    -Same Build.prop mod based on SGS II SGH-i777 for improved market
    -Same Permission Files mods for improved market
    -Removed useless apps
    -Removed Video Editor, Asus Weather Widget, Genie Widget, and Signal Booster (not needed on this device and I was short on space in the rom)
    -Added root explorer, superSu, gallery with picasa support, docs2go, ESfile Explorer, english dictionary fix
    -Yuandao has switched to the stock JB launcher and it is smooth as silk so I left the launcher alone
    -Boot animation stays the same


    Official Release 4 Firmware now available! Go to: , then click on the "firmware" button, then click "RKbatch" RK3066 Firmware Utility, Guide, & Firmware Images" and then finally click, "Yuandao N90 II (CZ) Jelly Bean TNT Release 4 Firmware Image" to download the firmware image.

    Flash normally (instructions and tools are on the page). Feedback is very welcome!


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