YuanDao Vido T22

Discussion in 'Vido® (YuanDao)' started by BrusJr, Aug 3, 2016.

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    Yuandao Vido T22
    Hello to all,
    I have this strange model of tablet, YuanDao Vido T22, and it is soft - bricked. It has:
    motherboard: N90S-RK3188-V2.0
    chip: Rockchip 3168

    I tried to find original firmware on Yuandaocn.com, but no success.
    As it is on motherboard N90, I tried to flash with RKBatchTool v1.8 and FW for N90 and N90II, but no success because those image are for RK30 and RK31 chip. Only image witch can be flashed is for N70 as it is for RK300B.
    Maybe some can help me what to do?
    Or someone has idea how to contact by mail Yuandao factory or their service?

    Thanks for reading this and answer any kind.
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